Wednesday, 14 July 2010

School Leaver Card

I know this is not SU products, but I made this card for my daughter's headteacher as they both leave Primary school to move to new schools, my Daughter to High School and Mrs Walker to pastures new. 
I used Digi Downloaded stamps from Digital Pencil too and coloured with Copic markers.  The school Uniform is red so the colour is red and gold mirri board with red and grey uniforms on the children.
The Message inside was written by Rachael:  (sorry not sure what happened to the font? should be all the same size!!??

I started school so long ago, in class with Mrs Brown.

I moved to classes 1 & 2

Mrs Glass and Mrs Loft never pulled a frown

Wow!  now I’m a Junior moving into 3 & 4

And then in 5 I met Miss Doyle

The loveliest teacher of all!

What a shock! I’m now Year 6

With tests and SATs to do

But you all made learning fun for me 

So a great big THANKS to you.

So now I’m off to High School

The big wide world and beyond

But I can honestly say,

that of Newchurch School
I have become quite fond.

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